Digital ChildrenDigital Children by Jacob Rayne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s funny… just a couple of days ago, a coworker came in on their day off, and brought their adorably squishy faced baby! So cute! That perfect baby age (- smiling and waving, but still not talking!)
That crap is contagious!
I found myself cooing, and giggling, and after 19 years – saying… “ohhh.. I want another one…”
What the hell was wrong with me?!
Temporary insanity! That’s it!
Thank you, Jacob Rayne!
Digital Children was just the birth control I needed!! Holy $hit! Creepy little bastards in this book!!
Literal Me was pissing me off, wondering how their son would grow…(physically grow, with age…), but, I shut her up.
And… that ending!! OMG! It’s creepy as hell!
I can see this becoming a terrifying movie!!
P, L, & N ❤

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Walk In The Park by Jacob Rayne

Walk in the ParkWalk in the Park by Jacob Rayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m really excited about Jacob Rayne, and the books I still get to read! Walk in the Park is my first book of his, and I don’t know if I can praise it enough.
Debbie, while at the park with her daughter, sees something she shouldn’t have seen. Her decision to ‘do the right thing’ is the worst decision of her entire life, and she regrets it almost immediately.
The most terrifying thing about this story is that it could happen to you, tomorrow, next week, maybe the next time you walk out your door! Any second might be the one that changes everything.

This book can be compared to Asbo by Iain Rob Wright.
Compared, they’re not the same.

Many thanks to fellow blogger • • for introducing me to the Rayne Of Terror books, and to Jacob Rayne for the most excellent gift!
I am reading more from this author, I’m already 56% finished with Sunshine, and I have Digital Children queued up and ready to go next! Looking forward to when I’m able to purchase Flesh Harvest!!

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