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CAVEMAN Poems – World’s End

Tim M. Wood writes some wonderfully dark poetry, and I have his permission to share some of the poems with you!
All feedback is appreciated, and will be passed along to Tim. Leave a note here, in the comments, or you can stalk him via his Facebook wall.

CAVEMAN Poems { World’s End }

Darkness blankets all it surrounds.
Killing light softly producing no sounds.
Nightmarish shadows lurks Evil’s best friend.
Legions so mighty no chance to defend.
Dekays ugly stench floats on the breeze.
Brings mere mortals down to the knees.
People of faith reach to the skies.
Waiting response, mercy pleading cries.
Earth’s magnetic poles savagely torn asunder.
Frigid icy grasp pulling all under.
Unearthly demonic creatures void of faces.
With a single blow annihilate entire races. Complete genocide fulfills fiendish lust. Spinning Little Rock crumbles to dust.