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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Disregard the prices listed in post, it’s on sale FREE this weekend – pick your Amazon and get to reading! Great stuff & I highly recommend 🤘


X Sample, my latest release through Deviant Dolls Publications, is available now. It contains a trio of deliciously dark tales ripe for sinking your teeth into and as the title suggests, is designed to give new readers a little taste of my work, as well as giving my existing readers something ‘to be going on with’ until my next book drops in April.


Table of Contents:

The Devil & Jim Rosenthal: A new parent gets much more than he bargained for.
Date Night: A man’s wife visits the bathroom in a fancy restaurant, and doesn’t come back out.
The Delectable Hearts: A jaded music journalist goes in search of The Next Big Thing. Unfortunately for him, he just might have found it.

Bonus Content:


Extract from No Man’s Land: Horror in the Trenches

X Sample is available now at the special price of 0.99p/0.99c


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I never thought I’d be taking a poll, but turns out – this is kind of important, so I’m really happy that you’re reading this. Your answers could save me years of time, (I’d bet – at least singularly, I could say ‘literally’. You have no idea how I obsess over these things.)

It doesn’t do anything, but it’s fun!

If you need quid pro quo – I have my ‘desktop view’ switch flipped almost 100% of the time. I want to see what people WANT their sites to look like, I don’t want to see mine in anything but. Plus, I just hate mobile view anything.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it’s a project made by Google and Twitter that makes pages more lightweight, lightning fast, and aesthetically pleasing.

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One last thing I don’t normally do is bring the donation form out into the light. It’s normally nestled in the footer, just minding it’s business. Stop by and have a look at it any time! But since A: this is a weird post full of firsts, and B: situations help dictate actions… I’m going to quickly shine the spotlight here…

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Things are tough, I get it. I really do. But, if you’d like to donate to help keep me on my feet, and keep the site ad-free – here’s where you can do that. Donate a ‘cup of coffee’, or amount of your choosing – it’s simple, painless, and every penny is greatly appreciated❣️

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31 Days Of Halloween Free halloween Horror

The Library – Still ‘Spooktacular’

UPDATE: I just reformatted this whole thing, I hope it looks nicer on whichever device you’re using. Please watch for, and answer upcoming poll, it’s important! Thanx! xxoo

Alexandria Library puts out the best Halloween posters every year. They’re kid friendly, and most are clever AF.

Not only that, but they make them available for free download for your own local library to use, or for you just to collect like I’ve been doing for a few years. (No, I never print them out. No, I have no clue either. But I did just make a #BM from a image I downloaded to my Kindle in 2014, so ya never know!)

They do posters for all holidays, and other occasions. Plus a new one to download every month, just for S&G! I signed up to their newsletter a few years back, and today’s email reminded me to show you guys 🙂 If you’re interested, have a look at their site and check out other cool things they do to inspire readers, and get people to fall back in love with their library cards 💕

31 Days Of Halloween Horror Quotes

Make Friends With Your Demons

31 Days Of Halloween halloween Horror

Or – the darkness staring back…

31 Days Of Halloween Horror Quotes

It’s October…

…Everything Comes Alive After dark.

#coronageddon Horror Humor Video

Maintaining Social Distancing Rules in Sports

31 Days Of Halloween Horror Quotes

Words Of Wisdom

Preach it, Vince!

Watching The Countdown…



  hours  minutes  seconds


👻 Samhain / Halloween 🎃

#ExtremeQuarantining #SelfIsolationShenanigans 31 Days Of Halloween Horror

When I’m Doing Anything –

I’d rather be reading, but I’m probably obsessing over hues, and filters, and fonts – oh my!

I finally chose this because I thought it was close to the pink used here. Just a little less ‘adulty’. But it’s really not. So… Thank you, NEXT…
I started to think the fangs were pigeonholing the genre, so – this happened.
Then I started playing with filters. ‘Oooo..a collage would look sweet!’ And I still didn’t stop – I distressed it and made a book!

So, what did you do this evening? LMAO!

P, L, & N 💕



CHERUB by David C. Hayes

The Bloody Book Blogger

Nothing lasts forever…

except a mother’s love.

“Get ready for a ride through the absolute worst in human nature. Hayes has the unique ability to convey the most sickening acts in a way that will have you laughing between retches. Once the book closes, you’ll need to shower and after that you’ll wonder what it says about you that Hayes managed to touch so deep and dark. You will be affected.”


In every small town, in every section of the world, there is always that family. The family that is whispered about in the grocery store, and used as fodder for campfire horror stories. There is one family that urban legends are based on, and local children dare each-other to spy on in the dark.

In Brockton, Michigan, the Richardsonfamily is that family.

In 1966, a very pregnant Marie Richardson helped to perpetuate the stories when she arrived…

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