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X Sample

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Disregard the prices listed in post, it’s on sale FREE this weekend – pick your Amazon and get to reading! Great stuff & I highly recommend 🤘


X Sample, my latest release through Deviant Dolls Publications, is available now. It contains a trio of deliciously dark tales ripe for sinking your teeth into and as the title suggests, is designed to give new readers a little taste of my work, as well as giving my existing readers something ‘to be going on with’ until my next book drops in April.


Table of Contents:

The Devil & Jim Rosenthal: A new parent gets much more than he bargained for.
Date Night: A man’s wife visits the bathroom in a fancy restaurant, and doesn’t come back out.
The Delectable Hearts: A jaded music journalist goes in search of The Next Big Thing. Unfortunately for him, he just might have found it.

Bonus Content:


Extract from No Man’s Land: Horror in the Trenches

X Sample is available now at the special price of 0.99p/0.99c


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Reading Is Spooky!


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31 Days Of Halloween Reading Is Sexy

Reading Is Spooky!

Reading Is Sexy SPOOKY!
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KILLSTREME by Rayne Havok

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you got a rando invitation from a company that produces snuff films, to appear in your very own [film], what would you do? Well, let break that down into two groups: are we the snuffer, or the snuffee? Assuming that it’s an invite to do some psycho shit with no repercussions, I bet a lot of people would jump at the chance, even if they won’t admit it.

The genius of snuff is not its existence but rather its universal appeal. While totally repugnant, it is still more enticing than the filthiest porn.”

Wrath James White

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Wesley, and it’s a wet dream come true! “Normal”, vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for him anymore. Besides, what if they see what he can do and offer him a contract?! (collective eye roll here for his ‘dude-bro’ way of thinking). He filled out his paperwork, and was on his way to an appointment that could potentially change his way of life forever!

And, did it ever!

Yes, this is extreme horror, and yes, it’s totally snuffalicious, but it was a fun read for me! It was way easier on my nerve than BOYS WILL BE BOYS, and I was left with a feeling of [sick] satisfaction🤘. We get a dash of the blackest of humor, and there’s a Girl Power vibe to it strong enough to almost call for an anthem.

Don’t go into this lightly just cuz I’m a psychopath – this is a gore drenched, blood splattered story, that very well might give you nightmares, especially the gentleman.

Buy on Amazon, and review it on Goodreads. Rayne Havok loves hearing what you think, so leave reviews, and reach out to her @ GoodreadsAmazon, and Twitter.

(*¹) I hate myself for this a little, but did this image appear in anyone elses head right then, it is it just me? Oh, just me then. K… ::whistling and walking away – not believing you for a second!::



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The Library – Still ‘Spooktacular’

UPDATE: I just reformatted this whole thing, I hope it looks nicer on whichever device you’re using. Please watch for, and answer upcoming poll, it’s important! Thanx! xxoo

Alexandria Library puts out the best Halloween posters every year. They’re kid friendly, and most are clever AF.

Not only that, but they make them available for free download for your own local library to use, or for you just to collect like I’ve been doing for a few years. (No, I never print them out. No, I have no clue either. But I did just make a #BM from a image I downloaded to my Kindle in 2014, so ya never know!)

They do posters for all holidays, and other occasions. Plus a new one to download every month, just for S&G! I signed up to their newsletter a few years back, and today’s email reminded me to show you guys 🙂 If you’re interested, have a look at their site and check out other cool things they do to inspire readers, and get people to fall back in love with their library cards 💕

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