Ravenous: Car Nex Collection Book One

The Car Nex.

Weapons will not slow it. Prayers will not stop it.

It is coming. And it hungers…

Five authors put their horrific spin on the Car Nex (Carnivore from the Nexus), Terry M. West’s wicked and unstoppable creation. If you are a fan of gory creature feature tales, get your monster on with this thrill packed collection of old school horror! This volume features the first wave of Car Nex tales by Terry M. West, ER Robin Dover, Joseph Ramshaw, Kerry EB Black, and Shaun Hupp 

CAR NEX: The Original by Terry M. West

The Campbell Homestead Massacre happened on September 29th, 1965 in Pleasant Storm, Texas. Adam Campbell apparently never watched horror movies like The Evil Dead, or The Gate. If he had watched some 80’s horror flicks, he would have known NOT to read aloud from any ancient tomes, and 28 residents of Pleasant Storm wouldn’t have been hacked to pieces.

CAR NEX: The Evil One by ER Robin Dover

Aldo Capello, the mayor of New York summons the Car Nex to destroy an underground terrorist group, and restore peace to the city. He realizes too late that the cost of peace is paid by the spilling of blood. New York is about to become Meat City.

CAR NEX: The Mighty and the Merciless by Joseph Ramshaw

I wasn’t sure if there was a place for me in this world. Everything else was the same, but I… I was different.  ~ Joseph Ramshaw

The Mighty and the Merciless takes on the Car Nex with a sci-fi twist. It also brings a promise from Joseph Ramshaw – THE FACE-PUNCHERS WILL RETURN!  Don’t go breakin’ our hearts, Joe!

CAR NEX: Storm by Kerry EB Black

Mariah Dawn is in Texas writing an anniversary piece on the Campbell Homestead Massacre for ‘Haunting Texas Landmarks’.  During a bit of ‘urban exploring’, (read: trespassing), she uncovers evidence that might bring the terror of the Car Nex back to Pleasant Storm.

CAR NEX: Trailer Park by Shaun Hupp

David Morgan lived in Pleasant Place Trailer Park with his family until he discovered that his wife was having an affair. She took their daughter and moved to the newer section of Pleasant Places, while David got displaced to the outskirts of the oldest section.

Angry, drunk, and bitter – David summons the Car Nex to take revenge on his ex-wife, and anything else that gets in it’s way.

Bonus points to Shaun Hupp, a fellow Michigan madman, for the Gary Hack tribute, and the BLOODY CARNIVORES nod!

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