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Lost Homicidal Maniac: (Answers to Lost Homicidal Maniac: (Answers to “Shirley”) by Jeff Strand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First – A quick ‘thank you’ to Jeff Strand for a copy of Lost Homicidal Maniac: (Answers to “Shirley”). He knows I’m a huge fangirl!
This is the latest book in the Andrew Mayhem series, and now I’m worried about how long I’ll have to wait for the next one!! I might have to just reread the series to get my Mayhem fix. That is not bad news. I can’t get enough of Jeff’s perfect blend of smart-assery, sarcastic-ness, and horror!
Andrew Mayhem is a magnet for trouble, and he can’t seem to stay out of the wierd-o-sphere. Like any red-blooded American, he asks himself “How can I legally profit from this?” Hence A/R Tasks & Investigations. The ‘R’ in A/R is his hetero-life-mate, and partner in all things bizarre, Roger. The new business venture is a problem solving service based on the idea ‘If we can survive numerous encounters with psycho killers, we can handle your task’ (the official slogan is “We solve weird problems”). Perhaps it is this slogan that brought Shirley into the office. Shirley – a possible serial killer who is bat-shit crazy, and more irritating than poison ivy.
Lost Homicidal Maniac: (Answers to “Shirley”) brings back some past characters, including a surprise cameo straight from the pages of another 5 star book. Don’t take my love of Jeff Strand’s humor as a sign to let your guard down. The shenanigans surround a some horrifying situations, and one totally gag-inducing scene!

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