Digital ChildrenDigital Children by Jacob Rayne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s funny… just a couple of days ago, a coworker came in on their day off, and brought their adorably squishy faced baby! So cute! That perfect baby age (- smiling and waving, but still not talking!)
That crap is contagious!
I found myself cooing, and giggling, and after 19 years – saying… “ohhh.. I want another one…”
What the hell was wrong with me?!
Temporary insanity! That’s it!
Thank you, Jacob Rayne!
Digital Children was just the birth control I needed!! Holy $hit! Creepy little bastards in this book!!
Literal Me was pissing me off, wondering how their son would grow…(physically grow, with age…), but, I shut her up.
And… that ending!! OMG! It’s creepy as hell!
I can see this becoming a terrifying movie!!
P, L, & N ❤

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