What’s your most memorable Valentine’s Day? Tell Rhiannon Mills and you could win!

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bones covers Want to win a copy of my brand new novel, BONES OF WILLOW LAKE? It releases this very Valentine weekend. How exciting! Read the rules below:


Leave a comment on this post telling about your most memorable Valentine’s Day or just the one that sticks out the most. Tell me what you like or do not like about this holiday. Write whatever comes to mind pertaining to Valentine’s Day. Lets keep this PG (we don’t need those kinds of details lol). The winner will be chosen and announced on the morning of Monday, February 17th, so please also give me an email address to contact you should you be the lucky winner. It’s that easy!

You can read an excerpt and blurb for the book, BONES OF WILLOW LAKE, here.


Not much info as of yet, but be looking for updates on an anthology called…

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I’ve never had a “memorable” Valentine’s Day as an adult, but I’m also not into pity-parties. When I need a Romance Day pick-me-up (and books fail me), I think back to my first box of chocolates from my best friend during freshman year of high school- the Valentine’s night our school offered a ballroom dancing class, instead of a traditional school dance. The story continues with the part about me unexpectedly moving away to another state a few weeks later, so we never found out the end of the coulda-woulda-shoulda, but, sometimes, being able to treasure the “what if” is the greatest gift.


My most memorable Vday is definitely this year. My son is playing in a hockey tournament in Erie..or at least he is supposed to be. He has pneumonia again and has been on meds since Wed but is still not able to be active for too long. And my daughter now has a fever of 104 and wants to stay in bed. So I have stayed with her while my son and his dad have gone to dinner with the team and are now at the kids games. Definitely not the weekend we envisioned but we get to spend time together so that really is all that matters. 🙂


My most memorable Valentines day was 13 years ago when I moved from TX to SD to live with my BF a couple days before Valentines day.


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