Grammar Music Video

We Use Semicolons Everyday!

A comma and a fucking dot: semicolon

    Okay everyone
    Welcome to grammar class
    Today we’re learning about semicolons
    Oh, oh, oh
    Yes, Lonely Island?
    We use semicolons everyday
    Can you give me an example?
    Oh, hell yeah

    Get ready for a whale of a time: Shamu
    My whole team coming clean: shampoo
    These dudes is comic relief: Whoopie
    And I’m the motherfucking monster: cookie
    When you see me better cross the street: Frogger
    Then go home and write about it: blogger
    Did I do that? Urkel
    Yo Angela, Who’s The Boss? Merkel
    I’ll take you where you’ve never been: Oxnard
    Then make you suck a bulls’ nut: ox nard
    If Miss Moore married Josh: Demi Brolin
    A comma and a fucking dot: semicolon

    We run these streets: stop lights
    All eyes on me: spot lights
    Each semicolon brings us closer to the top

    I’m loud and I’m zipping around: jet ski
    Your dick is little like Wayne: Gretzky
    But Gretsky’s got a big dick: clarification
    Everyone was rude to me: Paris vacation
    My stomach’s getting fat: food
    Leave trash inside my car: rude
    You’re acting all Machio: Ralph
    But I’ll eat all you cats: Alf

    We run the game: umpire
    Always chase the night: young squire
    These semicolons are my light inside the dark

    It’s right under your nose, semicolon: mouth
    Opposite of north, semicolon: south
    Right over your home, semicolon: attic
    Hooked on semicolons, semicolon: addict

    We got the game on lock: toy chest
    You’re too big for your clothes: boys vest
    You know we out of control: no brakes
    Your birthday party sucked: no cakes

    When it comes to punctuation
    You know we’re number one
    And to the people of every nation
    Feel the power of the semicolon

    We rest our case
    No actually those are examples of colons
    You all get F’s
    Wait, what?

7 replies on “We Use Semicolons Everyday!”

I found this by accident & almost peed myself
I was showing Husband my favorite ‘Lonely Island’ videos, ’cause he’d only heard ‘Dick in a Box’ & thought it was just a SNL skit.
If you haven’t heard the songs, take the time to watch the videos…
‘Like A Boss’ has to still be my favorite (the shorter version), with ‘YOLO’ catching up – (just because it’s catchy as hell).


I used to be one of the annoyed!
People who used hashtags outside of Twitter pissed me off, especially on Facebook!
But, yes… sadly – I use them now, too.

I haven’t mastered the art of USING HASHTAGS TO BE A BITCH, (/DICK), but the people I follow on Twitter… they’ve made it a science! There are three kinds of hashtags that I see, other than the norm, that I vow to master this year…
1.) #PassiveAgressiveHashtagging, 2.) #TotallyRandomHashtagging, and finally –
3.) #ExcessiveSmartAsseryTag

Holy shit, someone should do a blog post about this… (#you)!



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