Pain and Gain – The Book

My husband recently rented the new Mark Whalburg / Michael Bay movie ‘Pain and Gain’. I have to admit… I did chuckle a few times. But, then he told me that it’s a true story. I felt so bad! I kept thinking (and saying) – Oh my dog! The families are going to see this!! There is a point where The Rock is ‘bbq-ing’ that I laughed heartily at – now I realize I’m going to burn for it :/
I haven’t read this yet, I read the prologue on Smashwords.
I’m just bringing it to your attention – the fact that the true story is out, and it’s not the story the movie told.
You guys KNOW that I’m all about the dark comedies, a little joke with my blood & guts. Maybe I’m trying to buy a ticket out of Hell, I don’t know. But this one is on my TBR list now.

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