What scares you?

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fearWomanHandsWhat is fear? Generally, it is your mind’s response to any stimulus it sees as a threat, danger, or harm. From a medical viewpoint, the amygdalae and organs in the limbic system detect danger and send signals which generate the emotion. Then that fear emotion triggers either a flight or fight response. Fear is supposed to be a good thing, a way for your body to protect itself by going into full alert mode. But that brings along with it a certain amount of unwanted baggage. People experiencing fear frequently can’t think straight. If you are being chased you want to think quickly on your feet, not have a brain cramp. Some people lose the ability to speak clearly. That waver or crack in your voice might be the difference between playing it cool enough for the bad guy to think you’re not on to him and death. Shaky hands…

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Great post. I wrote about fear for my last Freedom Friday post. It’s a great component to push us to do things we’d normally wouldn’t do. More like a cause and effect. “If I don’t do this, this will happen.” Of course it can become counterproductive, too. But I’m not even going to think about that! 😉


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