It kicks ya in the balls at every turn.


It had all started with a simple invite.  ‘Hey you wanna come over and hang out, eat some pizza, maybe play some video games?’

Jim had said yes, and he’d been glad he went.  The soggy flavorless pizza was out of a box, the people were boring with their unfunny jokes and long uninteresting stories.  He refused to drink alcohol and had been the only one drinking water all night.  Normally he’d have left right away, making some excuse about an early appointment or his wife needed something but he had been transfixed from the second he’d walked through the door.

The music filled the apartment, bad cover bands singing rock classics.  Clacking sounds lurked barely beneath the tunes and voices could be heard grunting, shouting, and swearing.  Jim could feel an energy in the air, and although he was confused by the odd harrnt sound that occasionally overrode the…

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