Just a note, in case any of you are not aware of the amazing short stories that get posted on this blog each & every day. I have the page named GRIZZTION, and each day I add the link to the short story posted & written by Grizz. You can stalk him directly by following his blog, too. Take a gander at today’s SS, and please leave your input in the comments ♥ Today’s ss is titled FORTIFY.


He stood in the driveway again today for over an hour.  All he does is stand there and look at the other houses.  It looks like he’s sizing them up for something, although I could be giving him sinister attributes only because he’s unfriendly.  No one in our tiny neighborhood knows his name; he’s never even spoken to any of us.  His wife, or at least female housemate has tried to make conversation, but it’s clear that she isn’t really interested either.

We all know people are entitled to their privacy, but in 4 years, one would think a person would have to talk to a neighbor even by mistake.  It seems that the man waits for cars to pull out of their driveways, and people to go back into their houses before he does things outside.  He never even gets his mail or garbage cans unless there’s nobody around. …

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